Shingles UK

As part of its long-term partnership with PR and communications company Advocate, Storybeat work on delivering media coverage around raising awareness for campaigns such as Understanding Shingles.

While our principal scope of work with Advocate centres around the Tackle HIV programme – more detail elsewhere on the site – we work with personalities including TV presenter Eamonn Holmes and Strictly Come Dancing star James Jordan.

Understanding Shingles is a new campaign supported by Holmes, together with GSK and the Shingles Support Society.

After what he described as living a ‘nightmare’ and looking like he had been ‘assaulted’ from a virus, Holmes called for more awareness of shingles.

Three years ago Holmes woke one morning in incredible pain, his face covered in blisters that caused intense stabbing pains and itching.

A visit to the doctor confirmed that Holmes had contracted shingles – a virus he thought to only be associated with women – leaving him temporarily unable to work and affecting his confidence as the face of British breakfast television.

We work regularly with Holmes and Jordan to shine a significant spotlight on their campaign, creating our own content for syndication purposes in addition to delivering a high-value media outreach service.

And this has seen us generate a considerable footprint of national coverage, including in the Daily Mirror, Daily Express and Daily Star and across Reach PLC’s regional network.