Syndication and outreach

Every day you’ll find our content on home pages and front pages – reaching millions every year across print, digital and social.

Our team boasts decades of experience as decision-makers for some of the UK’s biggest news brands – and we know what it takes to make a story land.

We can be involved at the start of the strategy, using our knowledge of the media landscape to advise on story narratives, ambassadors, strongest news lines for research and best timing for release.

Or we can be introduced to assist with the delivery of coverage as the campaign prepares to go live, enhancing the efforts of your comms team.

We help shape the story with your team and then time its release for maximum impact with a four-pronged approach.

– Editorial brainstorm session with senior editor

– Content creation (words, graphics, pictures) and story feedback

– News-ready distribution to Storybeat media clients

– Coverage tracking and campaign summary

We can also enrich our support with a dedicated media outreach service, provide photography and video, seeding this content directly onto the story queues of the UK’s biggest publishers.

We deliver high-impact mass coverage for our clients with content that demands attention in the busy news agenda.

We’ve unrivalled experience in securing high-impact, high-value coverage for our clients, thanks to our unique two-pronged approach – with content we produce and syndicate, alongside our unrivalled media outreach contacts.

We boast a unique syndication network with content produced by our in-house team of digital specialists delivered directly to the UK’s national, regional and online media.

Our team is on first-name terms with editors across the UK media.

And every day we are on the call sheets, story rundowns and news lists of the UK media, from regional papers to the breakfast TV, national news websites to local radio and magazine